August 15, 2022

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HTC Touch Diamond Review ? This Diamond is Definitely Not in the Rough

Do you ever hold days where you impartial passion your job? Iveappointed myself Technical Review Guru on the Prowl and I keep to admit Ivealso had days where the present mobile phone I was putting th.

HTC Touch Diamond Review ? This Diamond is Definitely Not in the Rough

Do you ever have days where you just feelings your job? Iveappointed myself Technical Review Guru on the Prowl and I posses to admit Ivealso had days where the present animated phone I was putting through its paces wasdoing nothingness much moreover boring me to tears. Useful, functional, does whatthe tin says and boring

And then I keep days where I achieve to review a piece ofmachinery that has my mocking eyebrow climbing over hyped up advertising wordslike exhilarating design but torpid has me downright, well exhilarated to beplaying with And so it goes with the HTC Touch Diamond

Im a crumb of a succulent caress myself for a highly visualdesign ethic and that was definitely the top something that leapt out at me aboutthe HTC Touch Diamond To my geeky eye it was quota candy. The 2.8 inch touchscreen is framed by brushed metal and features faceted edges, and while Iwouldnt totally call it stunning, it is pretty impressive At the gamble ofouting myself as a total geek, the press of the facets reminded me for somereason of the Star Trek Enterprise Embarrassing – but true

I guess its furthermore a mildewed symbol of how much of a geek I reallyam because Im further highly attracted to cool. I didnt endure the least bitTrekkie handling the HTC Touch Diamond and instead reasonable loved the slickcoolness factor of it

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And in true geek style functionality was a must – andthis young has it in spades For starters, the gigantic measure internet access isHSDPA. That means that accessing the internet is nearly hasty enough to own abroadband like observe to it. I was amazed at how soft I was able to even watchvideos online, with an effortlessness and a rhythm that rivaled my highly belled andwhistled PC at home

The built in camera is a perfectly usable 3.2 mega pixels,even for the totally advanced digital photo enthusiast. The camera is entirelyauto focused, which may be a plus for some and a drawback for others, since itdoesnt allow for any benign of a guidebook override

The 4 gigabytes of onboard storage orifice are a personalmust in my complicated macrocosm That means that I wont be spending supplementary situation andenergy that I should be managing my data, files, music, photos and videos. Theextra prod room for storage instead style that Ill be managing my goals andobjectives and using the phone to meet them Thats a bare level minimum demandthat I personally own for the technology that I use; it has to be a comrade inproducing my goals

The observe screen itself brags that it has 4 times theresolution of most screens, and I did find it lovely to use and to look at.During testing the screen proved to be open and I do find that the touchresponsive screens aegis me to task additional efficiently

I have some further testing to do, but so far I can gibber thatthis phone is worth a closer look